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Today we are going to compare RPA tools with most important attributes before selecting it for our use cases. For newbies to RPA, we would like to give you brief explanation on key topics related to RPA for better understanding of this article beforehand. As we all know, RPA means automating daily repetitive task by using software robots to achieve better accuracy and efficiency.

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Before compare RPA tools, it is better to clarify another very important question. The question is How can we do RPA? Answer is simple. There are some special tools that we can use to develop, test, deploy and maintain software robots. We call them RPA tools.

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When we are dealing with industry, we all have to work with our competitors. They may have different features comparing to others. Some of them are unique to that particular tool and others are common among all. When we are planning to automate a use case using a tool, it’s always better to select most suitable tool to automate our process. That will save our time and money. Also that will help to achieve ultimate goal too. Below is the detailed comparison between best of the best RPA tools in the market.

Blueprism UiPath Automation Anywhere Workfusion
Logo Blueprism RPA tool logo UiPath RPA tool logo Automation Anywhere RPA tool logo Workfusion RPA tool logo
Official Website
Market Awareness 24% 35% 16% 5%
Architecture Client Server Web based Client Server Client Server
Os support Windows/ Mac Windows/ Mac Windows/ Mac Windows/ Linux/ Mac
Platform to use Any Platform Any Platform + Citrix Any Platform Any Platform + Citrix
Cognitive capabilities No Yes Yes Yes
Recorder available No Yes Yes Yes
Scalability No Yes Yes Yes
User friendliness Yes Yes Yes Yes
drag & drop feature available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suitable industry size Medium/ Large Small/ Medium/ Large Medium/ Large Medium/ Large
Support Service Documentation/ Email/ Online portal/ Trainings Documentation/ Email/ Online portal/ Trainings/ Forums Trainings & Certifications Documentation/ Email/ Online portal/ Trainings/ Forums/ Training & Certification
Coding skill essential? Yes No No Yes
Industrial partners Accenture/ Delloite/ Cognizant and Capgemini IBM/ EY/ Accenture/ Capgemini, and Delloite Capgemini/ Accenture/ Cognizant/ EY/ PwC/ IBM and Delloite PwC/ Delloite/ Cognizant and Capgemini
Cost $ 15000 to
$ 18000 annually.
Free community version. Contact them for Enterprise version Contact them for price Contact them for price


By referring to above matrix, you can get wide knowledge among most popular RPA tools in the market. Finally it is always better to compare RPA tools before purchasing the licence. Else you will lose time and money. Best tool will always help to achieve your goals without more troubles.

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