6 best RPA software tools in 2019

Reducing the overhead cost and improving both accuracy and efficiency with profit are ultimate goals of any business. Technology plays considerable role to cater those goals. Most of the industries moving into process automation using software robots to save billions and billions of annual overhead by reducing their human workforce. Below are the best RPA software tools that can use to deploy digital robotic workforce to deliver daily boring repetitive duties.

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Awareness share of RPA software companies

Blue Prism

Blueprism logo

Blue Prism is all in one kind of a RPA software that can be used in medium and large scale organizations. Blue Prism tool can be used to automate any kind of platform such as desktop, web etc. To use Blue Prism, you should have good programming knowledge. Blue Prism provides user-friendly and smooth drag and drop feature to create complex business processes very easily and fast. Blue Prism is quite good for the developers who have solid background in .Net related technologies. They have considered the acceptable implementation on security as well. Therefore it can be used in financial domain such as banking sector to automate their daily routines.  Apart from all good things, their license cost is very high and it cannot accommodate by small scale companies.



UiPath logo

UiPath is one of the trending RPA software in today. There are a lot of open job opportunities in Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Singapore. As Blue Prism, UiPath is also capable of automating web and desktop applications. UiPath can be hosted in virtual terminal or cloud environment. Unique thing on UiPath is that it supports Citrix. Programming skill in not much important for process automation in UiPath. It has rich drag and drop feature and it is very easy to learn. Because of that, it is not flexible to do coding for customized component development. There are two versions of UiPath software. For individual or small scale businesses, UiPAth provides community edition and it is free. For medium or large scale companies have to purchase UiPath premium edition for their developments.


Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere logo

Automation Anywhere can be used in medium and large scale organizations for repetitive tasks automation.  As Automation Anywhere provides bank-grade security, it can be used in financial sector automation.  This RPA software is platform independent and it is very user friendly.  Monitoring bot performance in production is very crucial and they have addressed that gap by providing advance reporting and analytical features to monitor bots performance in real time.




Pega logo

Pega is a world famous and industrial use business process management (BPM) tool. Tool was developed using Java language. Main intention of Pega is to connect customer interfaces to back-end process automation. All most all the component of a web application can be built using Pega.  Pega can be used in medium and large scale companies to automate and manage their business processes. They mostly focused on the sectors such as financial services, insurance and healthcare. Pega is fast and robust.  Also it is very reliable.



Workfusion logo

Workfusion provides AI driven robotic process automation which can be used in almost all the sectors. They work closely with industry giants such as Citi Bank. They have complex and advance machine learning framework to add more intelligence to their automation processes. They are providing drag and drop features, screen recording feature as well. Customization using Groovy language is very powerful comparing to other RPA tools. It is quite good for banking and financial, insurance and healthcare sectors that produce a lot of daily repetitive tasks. Workfusion has Free and enterprise versions of their product.


Inflectra Rapise

Rapise logo

Most important feature of Rapise is that they support for hybrid business scenario. This RPA software can be used to automate any application in web, desktop or mobile platform. It is a user-friendly tool for both users with or without coding knowledge. This tool can cater small and medium scale businesses. It has record and play feature and web and screen scraping. Also Rapise can be used for web service automation for SOAP or REST. Rapise only supports Windows Os is a major limitation of the product.


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